Best places for a date night in Boise

If you have children, date nights can be rare. So when you do decide to go on a date, you want the occasion to be special and memorable.

Boise has some beautiful places where you can head out for a date night. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Chandler’s Steakhouse

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Chandler’s is the best place to go if you want some good steak, seafood and wine. They have a wonderful ambience which makes the place perfect for date nights. They’re open from 4-11 PM, so you can enjoy a leisurely meal. Chandler’s is a fine dining restaurant with a smart casual dress code, which is something you’ll need to bear in mind.

2. Asiago’s

Boise’s finest Italian restaurant, with food that’ll literally have you licking your plate clean. The place is gorgeous, with a rustic, Italian vibe that makes it stand out. They’re open from 11 AM to 9 PM on week days. You can book a table online, or get takeout (with free delivery over $75). 

3. Liquid Lounge

If you enjoy comedy and drinks, why not combine the two on a date night? It makes an amazing combination, and you’ll have the best date in years. The food and drinks are great, the prices reasonable, and the comedians top-class. They’re open from 2 PM to 2 AM, so they’re ideal for night owl couples.

4. Capitol Cellars

Go to Capitol Cellars for traditional American cuisine, steak, and great wine. They’re open from 11 AM to 9 PM on week days, and from 10 to 9 on Saturdays. You can go through their menu or make a reservation online. The food is good, the place is pleasant, and the staff are warm and friendly.

5. Old Idaho Penitentiary

It might not be everyone’s idea of date night, but the place has a lot of history, and the atmosphere is interesting, if nothing else. If you want something super affordable, this is it! The Old Idaho Penitentiary is open from noon till 5 PM, so you can stroll around inside and then go for a nice dinner someplace. (Note: Currently, they only offer virtual tours)

6. Boise Art Glass

If you prefer doing things instead of dining out or strolling through a museum, this is something you might like. Boise Art Glass offers classes where you can learn to make things from glass – vases, bowls, bottles, tumblers, jewelry, and more. The cost is very reasonable, and the products available at the studio are gorgeous. The place is open from 10 AM to 6 PM every day except Sunday, and you can book classes online.

7. Petite 4

A great place for a bon verre de vin, the place offers French cuisine, and drinks. The French onion soup is delicious and extremely popular, so make sure you give that a try! We also recommend the lemon meringue pie and the seafood vol au vent. They’re closed on Sunday and Monday, but open on Saturday from 5 to 10 PM. A big thumbs up from us!

These are some of our favorite places in Boise, ID for a date night. However, there are lots of others. Boise is packed full of wonderful restaurants and bars where you can go for a hearty meal, a nice cold glass of beer, and some laughs – or music!

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