Dog Parks in Boise

Going for a pleasant walk with your pooch, sitting on a bench hearing the birds sing as your dog plays with other furry friends, and a pleasant saunter back home in the evening… It’s a great way to spend an hour. Our wonderful city has some fantastic dog parks and off-leash areas, so there’s no reason why you and your pup can’t go for a nice little walk every day. You will both get some exercise, and get to spend some quality time together.

Here are some of the best off-leash dog parks in Boise, ID:

1. Ann Morrison Park (Together Treasure Valley Dog Island)

It’s an unfenced dog park open from sunrise to sunset, located in Americana Blvd. It’s open year-round to dogs and their owners, and has a 5.4-acre area for your doggie to run around and have fun in. There’s also a pond where your dog can go for a swim and play with other dogs. There’s plenty of seating in the park, and the water is nice and fresh and clean.

2. Mariposa Park

This is a fenced park open from sunrise to sunset, with parking facility. While your dog has fun in the dog area, you can go for a stroll in the pollinator garden and learn about monarch butterflies and other fascinating creatures. You can also go fishing in the park’s pond. Make sure you follow the city’s leash ordinance while outside the park.

3. Morris Hill Park

This park, located on 10 N Roosevelt Street, is open from sunrise to sunset. Dogs can roam around and play off-leash in a 1-acre area. There’s a separate area for small dogs, so they don’t get knocked down by the bigger dogs. The place has several picnic tables and benches, shady trees, a gravel walking path, mutt mitt dispensers, and agility toys. 

4. Pine Grove Park

The Pine Grove Park is fenced, and is open from sunrise to sunset. The ground material is sand, so your pooch can play and dig around in it. The park is a nice, open area where dogs can run around and make friends, although it lacks facilities. The park does have mutt mitt dispensers and water fountains, although the latter are turned off during the winter.

In addition to these, there are several off-leash areas where you can take your dog for a stroll and for playtime. Here are some:

1. Cypress Park

This 7-acre park is open to off-leash dogs from sunrise to 10 AM, and then again from 4 PM to sunset. Your dog must be leashed in the parking area, and he/she may not go on the tennis courts and playground – everywhere else is open to dogs. You can still visit the park with your furry friend at other hours – they’ll just have to be on a leash.

2. Manitou Park

Manitou Park has the same off-leash hours as Cypress Park – at other times your dog will need to be leashed. The park is an 11-acre space, but only 5.1 acres are available for off-leash use. The doggy area is to the North of the park, with signs and maps installed throughout so you can find it. The park also has a basketball court, pickleball courts, a playground (ages 2-12), and a tennis court.

Other notable parks and areas include the Military Reserve Dog Park, Molenaar Park, Castle Hills Park, Redwood Park, and Williams Park. Make sure you follow the leash guidelines, and please pick up after your dog!

3. Bowler Park

This 1.25-acre enclosed park includes a shy dog area. Additional amenities include; a shelter, trash cans, and a watering station with a dog bowl. The surface material is chat.

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